Pamper Night success

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Friday 30 November 2018 saw our very first Pamper Night and what a huge success it was! We were lucky enough to have the beautifully decorated halls at St Edmund Campion School in Maidenhead at our disposal and put on a wonderful Pamper Night for local people, raising funds for Chatterbox.

As well as our usual FABULOUS raffle and INCREDIBLE silent auction, we also had 11 stalls, selling an incredible selection of products including Aromatherapy Candles, Handmade Artwork, Childrens Communication Aids, Handbags, Scarves, Jewellery, Health Products, Beauty Products.  We also had 2 incredibly talented local Artists – Laura Holloway Laura Holloway Art and Simon Ward Simon Ward Art

Our guests were able to sample DELICIOUS handmade cakes, mince pies, traybakes and were also able to enjoy some pampering with the help of 2 local Beauty Therapists – Dinara from Weleda Danira Farina Beauty Therapist offering complimentary relaxing facials and Rachel from The Beauty Box offering mini manicures.  Both ladies worked tirelessly throughout the evening, ensuring our guests left feeling truly pampered.

A small thank you to everyone who supported us at this event:

Jade Walden @Body Shop at Home, Mel Smith @Funky Families, Mandy Ward and Aurora @Forever Living.


pamper pic


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We are SO lucky to have lovely people decide they are going to throw themselves out of planes, swim ridiculous lengths, complete endurance events and other amazing challenges to raise awareness and invaluable funds for Chatterbox.

One such AMAZING individual is Zie – a Waiter from Stoke Park.  He completed the Slough 1/2 Marathon last month and raised an impressive £270 for Chatterbox.  We are truly thankful to him for thinking of us and by raising such a great amount!

We fundraise throughout the year to enable Chatterbox to continue so when lovely people like Zie offer to raise money for us, we really are very, very grateful.

If Zie has inspired you – please get in touch!

Thanks Zie



Back to School – 1/2 term

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Half term is now upon us – hurray!!!

Well done to all of our little Chatterboxes – you have made it through the first half of the Autumn term.  As Autumn and Winter approach and the weather changes, many children with Downs Syndrome are more prone to colds, coughs, flu and it can be a pretty miserable time all around.  As children with Downs Syndrome have smaller airways than ‘ typically developing’ children, being blocked up can effect breathing making sleeping much harder.

Getting out in the fresh air, taking regular exercise and increasing those Vitamin D levels help children with Downs Syndrome and everyone else!  So fingers crossed we see some sunshine this 1/2 term.


Back to School – a new chapter

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Moving on to Secondary School can be a difficult time for a lot of children and children with Downs Syndrome are no different. Leaving the familiar surroundings of your primary school, your friends, teachers and all that you know can be a very daunting experience.

The majority of children with Downs Syndrome attend ‘mainstream’ primary education, however only a very small percentage are then able to transition to mainstream secondary education.

As a child with Downs Syndrome matures and moves into adolescence, life skills, self care and independence become more important that some more traditional subjects which would be taught in a mainstream environment.  This is one of the reasons many families decide that the ‘Special Needs School’ is a better choice as these ‘life lessons’ are taught as part of the curriculum and as the child progresses through school, this becomes more and more relevant.

This photo shows one of our members on his first day at Secondary School! Good Luck!

new school

Back to School

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Siblings have a HUGE part to play in the development of someone with Downs Syndrome – not only do they make great role models but they also offer unconditional love, affection and support.

Friends are also important and as a child with Downs Syndrome moves through school it is important for them to have friends who enjoy their company and want to be with them because of who they are – not because they have Downs Syndrome and need their help or sympathy.

Children, although inquisitive and curious are usually very accepting of difference and hopefully by being around those with Downs Syndrome will make them realise that ‘difference’ is often a great thing and that actually people with Downs Syndrome are actually not that ‘different’ #morealikethandifferent


Back to School

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Second week back for most and the chance to get back into the swing of routine – something the majority of children with Downs Syndrome need in their lives.

Whilst the break from school is usually a welcome relief for most children, those with Downs Syndrome sometimes take a while to adjust and find it unsettling not to be in the school routine.  This is the same once school re-commences.

Be patient – take a deep breath and you will be fine.


Another one of our little Chatterboxes on his first day back at school.


Back to school

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Its that time of year again when our small people, who we’ve kind of got used to having around us all Summer, venture off back to school.  Our little Chatterboxes are no different.

We thought you might like to see a few pictures of us on our First Day back.

E back to school