Happy WDSD 2021 🙌🎈🎉😁

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Its World Downs Syndrome Day 2021 (in lockdown!!).

This didn’t stop our little Chatterboxes having fun. After what seems like an incredibly long time since 21 March 2020, we were able to celebrate by wearing our new, limited edition t-shirts, designed for us by the lovely people at TwentyTwelve


We also got together (in a virtual way) and had a Chatterbox Zoom – which was a fantastic way to see each other, have some fun answering some quiz questions, getting involved in a scavenger hunt and celebrating this special day in our own way. We are lucky enough to usually have a whole calendar full of Social Sessions, where we can get together, have some fun, try new experiences and challenge ourselves. However this past year has been tough – just life everyone else in the UK – no meet ups, no Summer Camp, no adventures.

There is light at the end of the tunnel however and with restrictions to lockdown lifting, we are now looking at starting to plan our Summer Camp 2021 – which we really hope can go ahead this year – we have some great ideas in mind.

I thought I would finish with sharing a video made for WDSD 2021 which highlights employment opportunities within the Downs Syndrome community – something we will go into greater detail soon.

Hope you enjoy it and Happy World Downs Syndrome Day!

World Downs Syndrome Day 2021

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In preparation of World Downs Syndrome Day 2021, I wanted to share one of my favourite soundbites of people with Downs Syndrome talking about what its like to have Downs Syndrome, what barriers they face and how they are just like anyone else – wanting to have a happy, fulfilling life with work, health, relationships and friendships.

This is my first clip to share with you – hope you enjoy it.

World Downs Syndrome Day 2021 is on 21st March 2021