Back to School

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Siblings have a HUGE part to play in the development of someone with Downs Syndrome – not only do they make great role models but they also offer unconditional love, affection and support.

Friends are also important and as a child with Downs Syndrome moves through school it is important for them to have friends who enjoy their company and want to be with them because of who they are – not because they have Downs Syndrome and need their help or sympathy.

Children, although inquisitive and curious are usually very accepting of difference and hopefully by being around those with Downs Syndrome will make them realise that ‘difference’ is often a great thing and that actually people with Downs Syndrome are actually not that ‘different’ #morealikethandifferent


Back to School

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Second week back for most and the chance to get back into the swing of routine – something the majority of children with Downs Syndrome need in their lives.

Whilst the break from school is usually a welcome relief for most children, those with Downs Syndrome sometimes take a while to adjust and find it unsettling not to be in the school routine.  This is the same once school re-commences.

Be patient – take a deep breath and you will be fine.


Another one of our little Chatterboxes on his first day back at school.


Back to school

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Its that time of year again when our small people, who we’ve kind of got used to having around us all Summer, venture off back to school.  Our little Chatterboxes are no different.

We thought you might like to see a few pictures of us on our First Day back.

E back to school