Who are we and what do we do?

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Chatterbox was established by a group of parents each who had a child with Downs Syndrome.

Children with Down Syndrome commonly have some sort degree of speech delay, so we formed a Group to address this issue head on and now work across a network of schools in the Maidenhead and Windsor area, providing invaluable, regular, focused speech and language intervention.

We work in partnership with a specialist speech therapy company – Symbol UK Ltd. ย Our Therapist takes time to get to know our children, what they find interesting or exciting, what motivates them, (what frustrates them!) and, in collaboration with the Teaching staff, work hard to ensure each child is able to access the National Curriculum as much as possible, aiding specifically in the areas of speech development, phonics, ora-motor skills and exercises which will strengthen the muscles in the mouth (especially the tongue).

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