WDSD 2018

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21st March 2018 is a VERY important date in our calendar – World Downs Syndrome Day!

This is an event, now Internationally recognised by the United Nations and celebrated around the Globe. This year, the focus is for people with Downs Syndrome to help society to realise what value they bring to their local community.  People with Downs Syndrome can bring so much to society, yet many are not given the opportunity to do so.



We encourage you to wear ‘different’ socks on 21st March, to signify that everyone is different, not just those with Downs Syndrome (or any other disability).  Changing perceptions is a slow burner, however by starting with something simple like wearing different socks, this might just get people talking ….. as this is a great thing!

Further information about WDSD 2018 can be found here : WDSD2018



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