We’re back …. and we’ve missed you

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photo of orange yellow and red hello molding clay

Its been a little while since we have updated our website and for our regular followers we apologise for this BUT we are back!!

Whilst there has been no activity here, please don’t think we haven’t been beavering away, working hard in the background, because we have.  We have ploughed all of our resources and efforts into fundraising over the last year and have also launched the ‘Social’ part of our provision more fully.

As children with Downs Syndrome get older, the gap between them and ‘typically developing peers’ gets bigger which means that the opportunity to socialise, make friends, have fun and promote independence decreases. With this in mind, we thought we would take the matter into our own hands and create a programme of regular activities for our children.  This will not only provide new stimulation and learning experiences but will also provide a great opportunity to meet up & catch up with friends (for the children and Carers alike!).

So far we have been to :

We have plans for a Pantomime trip in December, Bowling and Karting in the New Year!


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