2017 – 2018

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Wow ….. 2018 already!!??!! How did that happen?light-sign-typography-lighting.jpg

We had a really full, busy, fun packed “chatty” year in 2017 and unfortunately our lovely website had to take a side step to allow for all the fundraising.

We have been slightly overwhelmed by the love and support shown by both organisations and individuals alike.  Your generosity has allowed us to continue to provide invaluable, one to one speech therapy for our children on an on-going basis.

Cuts within the NHS and Local Government made during 2017 had a devastating effect on some of our children with several receiving a mere 6 hours of speech therapy a year! As delayed speech development is common for children with Downs Syndrome, the fact the the NHS offer such a minimal amount leaves me stuck for words and also grateful to Chatterbox for being able to step in and put our children first, making sure speech therapy is up there – important and critical to development.

With this in mind, we would like to publicly thank the following organisations for their continued support:

The Lions Club of Maidenhead

St Marks Crescent Methodist Church, Maidenhead

Stoke Park Country Club, Hotel & Spa

Heathrow Community Fund

St Pirans School, Maidenhead

Waitrose, Maidenhead

All have kindly supported Chatterbox in 2017 and many have become personally interested in the growth and viability of our Group – so for this we THANK YOU!




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