Throw Back Thursday

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I LOVE this picture – for many reasons.

The first is just because its gorgeous.  The models are pretty cute too.  The setting (Cliveden, Berkshire) is simply stunning and the photographic skills (and patience) of the lovely Tasha from (Ikon Works Photography) were amazing.

This was one of the images we used for a fundraising calendar a few years ago.

It am always curious about how most (not all!) children with Downs Syndrome love unconditionally.  They are not afraid to express their feelings and show their emotions.  They are not subject to any prejudice and do not see difference.  They have huge reserves of empathy and are very aware of when someone is feeling sad, lonely or upset.  They radiate love and kindness and this is a quality to ADORE about Downs Syndrome.

Happy Thursday!

Josh & Silvanna L

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