Meet our little Chatterboxes

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Now that you know all about Chatterbox, we thought it about time that we introduced you to our VIC’s (very important Chatterboxes!).


My name is Archie, I am 7 years old.  I live with my Mummy and Daddy in Windsor.  I have 2 cats (Pippin & Waffles) which I quite like, but don’t like when they jump on me while I am on my ipad!

My ipad is probably my favourite thing in the World, as well as my puppet, Dylan, who comes everywhere with me, even to school.

I go to a mainstream primary school and have a lovely Teaching Assistant called Mrs Wellstead.  I have lots of friends at school and lots of nice teachers too.  My favourite part of the day is lunchtime, because I love food.  My favourite food is sausages, jacket potatoes, bread and chocolate.  I don’t like biscuits of rice crispies because I don’t like the texture in my mouth – it feels horrible and I have to spit it out.

I also like dancing and horse riding, which I am getting better at and now only need 1 helper (I used to need 2).  I am hoping I can enter some competitions soon.  I also love Justin Fletcher / Mr Tumble.

This is me at horse riding (my horse is called Forrester)

archie on horse


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